Weekly info dump!

    Good afternoon Hammerheads! We finally had a chance to get in the water on Thursday and again on Saturday. Thank you to the coaches, board members and parents for making today go smoothly in my absence. I will be back on Monday for those of you with questions or concerns. There is a good bit of info in this email so please be patient and make it to the end. 

    First, once suits are ordered, I do not have access to view or change the orders. If you have not received a confirmation or tracking, please check your junk/spam folder. If it doesn't show up after 24-48 hours, please email me the order number and I will see if the TYR rep can assist us. 

    Second, Time Trials is this Thursday May 25th at our pool. This will be conducted much like a Home Swim Meet. The volunteer points count and it is an easy way to test the water on a new volunteer position or ease the anxiety/pressure you may have about first year swimming. 

    Third, deck training is Wednesday May 24th for those that have stepped up to the plate to server as stroke/turn judge, starter, or official. Please make sure to take the test prior to attending and bring the receipt so we can reimburse you. Here is the link to the RCSL page for Officiating.

    Fourth, there was confusion on the female suits. The link I sent was for the "adult" suit or the teenager suit. The youth version is here. I apologize for the confusion.

    Finally, we are always looking at how we can better serve the swimmers and their families in a way that makes the season fun, engaging, and beneficial to all the swimmers. After talking with our fantastic coaches and looking at the numbers and skill levels of the various groups, we are going to remove the 11-12 year old swimmers from the last group and place them with the 9-10 year olds. This will give the 9-10 year olds some extra talent to chase. 

    I cannot thank you all enough for how you have responded. This is the first year I can remember having so many of the veteran swimmers beg to help out in so many ways. As a board that is a great feeling and as parents you all should be proud to have kids like this. We are looking into how we can help each of these volunteer kids find a spot they can serve! 

    See you all Monday at the pool! 

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