2023 Shark-A-Thon

    It's (almost) Shark-A-Thon Time!

    As you know, it takes a lot of volunteers and money to run a successful summer swim season. So we're working hard to make that happen! 

    We're changing up our annual "fun"draiser and turning it into a fun summer swim party for the kids. We've moved the event to a Monday night (June 12), and we're planning to have food trucks on hand, shaved ice, music, dancing, swimming, and of course raise some money for our team! 

    We'd like to see every member there and could really use your help. We're depending on each swimmer to raise at least $25, but it would be great if they were able to raise more. Donations may be made via the Shark-A-Thon page on our website, under the "Sponsorships" tab.

    We're also working to boost team camaraderie and help our smallest or newest swimmers acclimate to the team. Each swimmer will be working with another team member (we will pair kids), to swim 50 laps. It's imperative that each swimmer complete the form below so that we are able to pre-order shirts, and pair swimmers with another teammate.

    We know they can do it and look forward to seeing them work hard towards a great cause. 

    This year's theme is an 80's night; so bust out your neon and big hair and come ready to have a great night! 

    If you have any questions about this year's event, please contact Candace Phillips at [email protected].


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