Thursday 5/18 practice

    As always we are looking at the weather and trying to make the most informed decision to keep our swimmers safe and healthy. Currently, practice is still on for this evening and of course, there is a slight chance of random thunderstorms and rain during our scheduled times. Even if the weather does force us out of the water this evening, please plan to attend practice at your scheduled times. I have the fit kit from TYR and we can use the out-of-water time to try those suits on. I will be at the pool at roughly 5:20 today with the kit if the first group wants to arrive early to try suits on. As for the other groups, I encourage you to arrive earlier than your scheduled time to try suits on if you need to.  

    TL:DR- If rain forces us out of the water tonight, we will still have suit fittings. 

    Have a great day and AWESOME job signing up to volunteer at events! We still have a few slots left for the first 2 meets, but you parents are off to a fantastic start!

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