Reminder - Final Intrasquad Meet Sign-Up, Board Nominations

    Good afternoon Hammerhead Families,

    Please don't forget to sign up for our final intrasquad meet this Saturday, July 25 at 7:30AM. Please also sign up for jobs. Our end of year party will immediately follow the meet.

    At this point we only have a couple folks willing to challenge the coaches to a 4x25 relay at the intrasquad meet so we need at least 2 more - let me know if you're willing to accept the challenge!

    Also, a reminder to please donate to the team if you're able to - we greatly appreciate it!

    Lastly, we will have our end of year meeting on the 25th to vote on board members for next season. Most of our current board members have expressed willingness to continue next season in the same or different role. If you are interested in serving on the MCST board next season, please let me know. As a reminder, the following board positions are voted on each year: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, HOA Rep 1, HOA Rep 2 / RCSL Rep, and Non-HOA Rep.

    Thanks, and have a great rest of your week!

    Go Hammerheads!!!

    Joe Pierce

    2020 MCST Board President


    [email protected]

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