More City Meet Info, End of Year Party Reminder

    Happy City Meet Eve, Hammerhead Families!

    Hope everyone's having a great Friday. Looked like we had a good crowd this morning for block practice and I think it was valuable time for our swimmers to get used to starting from the blocks.

    Our tent space is starting to come together! Here are a few photos taken from this morning (thanks to Wendy Johnson for taking them). See if you can spot Hammy the Hammerhead, our team mascot!

    City Meet Warm-Up Times for MCST:

    Saturday AM (10 & under): 7:15AM

    Saturday PM (11 & older): 11:45AM

    Sunday AM (10 & under): 7:45AM

    Sunday PM (11 & older): 12:15PM

    **Please factor in traffic, parking, walking to our tent area, and getting settled - I recommend you leave 10-15 minutes earlier than you normally would to get to the Huntsville Aquatics Center, to ensure your swimmers are settled in and ready to warm-up on time.

    **Please have swimmers check-in with one of our coaches when they arrive. A coach will direct you to your warm-up lanes and exactly when to start & end warm-ups.

    **There will be snacks and water bottles for our swimmers at the tent, but we won't have sports drinks (Gatorade, Powerade) so please bring your own if you need it.

    **A copy of the latest heat sheet for our team is attached, along with the order of events.

    Here are some important notes and reminders for City Meet and our End of Year Party:

    1) Coaches Gifts. We would like for you and/or your swimmers to write "thank you" notes/draw pictures, and/or give gifts, gift cards, cash, etc for our coaches (Whitney, Caleb, and Adeline). We will have gift boxes available for you to put your items in at the End of Year party on Sunday, July 14. Let's show our coaches how much we appreciate their time, effort, and love for our children. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you can't make the party and want to drop something off for me to deliver. Thank you!!!

    2) Please RSVP for the End-Of-Year Party if you haven't already. This will help us get a good head-count for planning purposes. A reminder that our end-of-year party is for the entire team, whether or not you participated in City Meet. We hope to see as many of our team members gather one last time to celebrate the season! The party starts at 6PM on Sunday (July 14) at the Mt Carmel pool & pavilion.

    3) Snacks for our swimmers at City Meet - just a few slots left to fill: City Meet Snacks These need to be delivered to The Ham's house by TODAY (July 12th) at 128 Whippoorwill Drive in the Mt. Carmel neighborhood. Thank you to those that have already signed up!!!

    3) We are still in need of a few volunteers for City Meet on Saturday and Sunday. Please login to SwimTopia and sign up for one of the available jobs if you have a swimmer that is planning to participate in City Meet.

    Here are a couple of notes about City Meet that we shared last year at RCSL's request, and are worth sharing again:

    1) Sportsmanship - In the spirit of RCSL, cheering on teammates is welcomed and encouraged. However, negative displays, such as booing other teams or swimmers, will not be tolerated during the swim sessions or the awards ceremony. Please remind your swimmers to represent their team well.

    2) Congestion behind the blocks - Please also remind your coaches and swimmers that we need to keep the area behind the blocks as clear as possible for the officials and timers to be able to perform their volunteer jobs. Especially during finals, if your team does not have a swimmer on the block / in the water, please move out of the way.

    RCSL also shared the following information that is worth reading if you are going to City Meet:

    Food Vendors:

    There is an ATM onsite and most vendors accept credit cards.

    • Barnes Chicken on a Stick - Saturday and Sunday
    • Dallas Mill Deli -  Saturday and Sunday
    • Angel’s Island Coffee - Saturday (7-5) and Sunday (8-5)
    • Shaved Ice Saturday and Sunday

    Rules about swim caps, suits, and use of tape:

    1) The following USA Swimming and RCSL Rules of Completion rulings regarding Caps, Suits and Taping are still in effect for City Meet.

    A) Caps: Swimmers will not wear or use any device or substance to help speed or buoyancy during a race. Goggles and swim caps may be worn. Any swim cap or swim suit worn may have logo printing on it representing that swimmer's RCSL team but may not wear a swim cap or swim suit representing any other team affiliations (including high schools, colleges, and/or other swim clubs/teams.)

    B) Tech Suits: There is no rule in the RCSL ROC prohibiting this practice. USA Swimming has banned them for swimmers under 12 unless at a National or Junior National Level meet effective Sept 2020. It is highly discouraged for a swimmer in a recreational summer league event to wear a Tech Suit to include City Meet.

    C) Tie Back Suits: No fastening system (e.g., tie-backs, zippers, etc.) are allowed in competitive swimming in order to minimize the chance of, a wardrobe failure during a race.

    D) Taping: The following uses of tape are generally permitted in competition: 1) Wound protection and closure. Band-Aids, dressings, ”Butterfly” type, etc. are normally permitted with no advanced notification to the Referee. When the tape to hold a dressing in place completely circles a major limb or the dressing is exceptionally large in size, advanced notification to the Referee is recommended. 2) Taping of fingers or toes. “Buddy Taping” no more than two (2) injured fingers or toes together should be permitted. Advanced notification to the Referee is recommended. 3) Tape to secure medical alert bracelets and pendants, religious objects, etc. should be permitted. Advanced notification to the Referee is recommended. 4) Tape to secure medical devices. Example – insulin pumps, ostomy bags, etc. should be permitted. Advanced notification to the Referee is required. 5) The following uses of tape are not permitted in competition – irrespective of whether a Doctor’s note has been presented. a) Elastic Therapeutic Tape is never permitted. b) Kinesio Taping is never permitted. c) Any other taping intentioned to provide compression or support to muscles, ligaments, tendons or joints (except as stated above) is never permitted.

    City Meet is almost here, and it's about to get crazy y'all!!!

    Go Hammerheads!!! Keep Hammering!!!

    Joe Pierce

    MCST 2019 Board President


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